So for years now people have been asking for some of their favorite things, like peanut butter and caramel filled chocolates. We stayed away from the peanut butter due to allergies and the caramel filling just never really came about. As we are now producing along side a bakery that uses peanut butter we can dispose of the allergy caution.

You asked, we listened! After continued testing we will be unveiling peanut butter filled eggs and caramel filled bunnies for Easter, becoming available near the end of March.

The peanut butter filling ingredients consist of peanuts, butter, icing sugar and cinnamon. No chemicals or gluten products. The caramel filling is made in Belgium and does have wheat however it is the best caramel I have ever tasted.

One more new product is on the immediate horizon but you will have to keep your eyes and ears on us to find out more.