Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since I last posted about our progress, sorry about that. It’s mostly due to extreme busyness both professionally and personally. Around Canada Day we started to get so busy with higher than expected sales and having to increase our production to try to match this increase in demand, which is awesome, however we really have yet to catch up to that, 5 months later. That being said it is pretty obvious that we need to expand, yet again. We need more staff and more space to increase our production. So what does that mean in real world terms? WE ARE GETTING OUR OWN BUILDING!

Ok, so maybe we won’t be getting an entire building to ourselves, however we will have the entire upper floor, over doubling our work and retail space. The new location is directly next door to our current location so you don’t need to go looking for us. It used to be a doctor’s office and we will be starting on renovations as soon as we can, just need to finish out the Christmas season with the Tipperary and we will be moving along.

During our renovations we plan to have a temporary work space so we can continue production and may even find ways of popping up around Tatamagouche and area so don’t think we will be unavailable for this time period. Also, our products will be available through the Tatamagouche Yarn and Company, as this is owned by my mother. Our website will still be live and vendors will still be stocked.

We would like to give a great bid thank you to the whole village of Tatamagouche, our awesome and happily chocolate filled fans and of course a GIANT thank you to the Frotten Family (owners of the Tipperary) for putting up the space and resources we needed in order to be where we are. If it wasn’t for the amazing support from everyone around us than this would not have worked as amazingly as it did. So, THANK YOU so very much from myself, Michael Foote, my wife Heather and our beautiful twin boys Aidan and Rhys.