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We have developed some unique, customised and very tasty chocolate items for fundraising campaigns for churches, community organisations and other small and local groups who would like to raise modest amounts several times per year. More details here.

Don't these look good?

Candied wild blueberries in a soft maple centre, all dipped - twice - in French dark chocolate. And sometimes we soak the berries in Nova Scotian dark rum before we fold them into the maple centres . . .

The Appleton Chocolates Company

Appleton Chocolates

567 Lake Road
Wentworth, N.S.
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We make very fine hand-dipped chocolates featuring the traditional sweet flavours of the Maritimes (and of Nova Scotia, in particular)- wild blueberries, cranberries, cherries and maple syrup - and a double coat of Belgian or French chocolate. Our chocolates are big, they are one-half fine chocolate, and they are unique. Our chocolates are a celebration of the flavours of Nova Scotia, and we are happy to share.


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We make beeswax candles, from beeswax that we render and refine ourselves.


Why our chocolates are so good - our secrets revealed . . .

Who We Are

A little bit of the history of the Appleton Chocolates Company, and some pictures of the wildlife I see on my way to work.

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Pictorials and Essays

How We Make Our Chocolates

This pictorial shows the complete process from start to finish. About 5 days!

All About Chocolate

A description of how chocolate is made. From the tree to the confection

Is Chocolate Wasted on Guys?

90% of women respond physiologically to chocolate, and 90% of men think chocolate is just good candy. If you've come this far on a chocolate site, you should really check out this newsletter. Chocolate is the ultimate soft drug . . .

We are located in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia - the heart of maple syrup and wild blueberry country. As a matter of fact, 75% of both maple and blueberry production in the province occurs within 40 miles of our shop. Can you think of a better reason to combine these two fine flavours with the smoothest of Belgian chocolate?

You won't find chocolates like ours anywhere else, for a couple of reasons. One is that we use our Nova Scotian ingredients like maple syrup and wild blueberries and cranberries, all flavours that are not commonly found in ordinary chocolates.

Another reason is that we use old-fashioned techniques that are very hard to automate. It is difficult to use high-speed machinery to form the centres when they include large pieces of berries and dried fruits that have to be kneaded in to the fondant, and in a production line the centres would be sprayed with chocolate, not dipped. And it's hard to have a machine put foils on chocolates that are not all exactly alike.

And yet another reason is that the hand-labour and the ingredients are expensive, which makes it difficult for retailers to get their margin and still have our chocolates priced within reason. By selling most of our chocolates directly to the consumer or end-user, we do not have to find margins for brokers and retailers. And that lets us keep the prices down.

All of our chocolates are hand-made, hand-dipped and hand-wrapped in colourful foils. Here's Alan wrapping a tray of maple-blueberry chocolates at the end of the five-day production process. (This is a very old picture. What hair is left is grey . . .)

Alan wrapping chocolates

Who we are . . .

We are proud of our chocolates, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Last Updated 7 January 2015

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This page was written by and is maintained by Alan from the Appleton Chocolates Company.

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